Step right up, step right up! Haven't you always wanted to own your own rocket? Well now's your chance!

Walk into our showroom today and fly away in a brand new rocket! See how high you can fly whilst earning some cash to buy another rocket.

Warning: Rocket flight is dangerous and there is a tendency to crash and die. Avoid asteroids at all costs.

  • Endearingly simple gameplay – both to play as well as develop.
  • Nearly a dozen rockets to unlock and crash!
  • Multiple achievements and a leaderboard.
  • Ultra-realistic starry background system. *
  • Pickups, asteroids, and space!
  • Woefully inaccurate science.

  • * it's just a bunch of white dots.

    More information, including a changelist, can be found here.

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    It's Not Rocket Science for Mac 34 MB

    Also available on

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